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        來源:http://www.qixidizs.com/ 瀏覽:發表時間:2023-09-22
        We choose products made of different materials, one based on their functional properties, the other based on their effectiveness in use, and the other based on products used for decorating buildings, such as elevators and elevator door covers. The term "integration" refers to the process in which isolated things or elements change their original dispersed state in a certain way, gather together, generate connections, and thus form an organic whole. So integrated elevator door jambs are a type of door jamb made by transferring marble patterns (i.e. zinc steel plates) onto the surface of metal plates and assembling metal structural components through anti-theft bolts and rivets. Below, we will introduce you to its other knowledge.
        The integrated elevator door cover has expansion bolt installation holes on the side, which integrates speed, aesthetics, and safety. It can simplify the processing and production steps, reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve the construction quality, and make it more humane and reasonable.
        It is divided into three units before assembly, namely the left side stand, the right side stand, and the upper crossbeam. The front of the upper head of the left and right stands is stamped at a 45 degree angle, and the front of the two ends of the upper crossbeam is stamped at a 45 degree angle. It is assembled into a whole through connectors. Inside the side of the standing wall is a joinery lining board. Next to the fixing bolt hole is a foam adhesive hole. After fixing the expansion bolt, inject the foam adhesive into the foam adhesive hole to connect the side standing wall with the wall.
        The above content introduces us to the manufacturing materials of integrated elevator door covers, and provides a detailed description of its usage characteristics and benefits, as well as its assembly knowledge. We believe it will give you a new understanding. Its efficient and high-quality benefits can make it more widely used and will develop better in the future.