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        來源:http://www.qixidizs.com/ 瀏覽:發表時間:2023-08-17
        Stainless steel door cover wire edges are generally customized and rarely made on-site, as the current technical level of workers does not meet the inspection and evaluation standards, and there are no professional stainless steel construction operators on site.
        When making stainless steel door jambs, we always draw processing drawings according to the size of the base layer of the door jamb. The manufacturer folds the folded parts and uses universal adhesive or glass adhesive to paste them. There is no need to weld the connection between the facade and the top surface!
        We encountered poor treatment when making stainless steel in the past, so we used vertical door jamb line through seam. The intersection between the horizontal and vertical lines of the door jamb used transverse seam magnetic vertical seam method, and then applied glue at the gap. This method has low technical requirements and is convenient to use. I think it is also feasible when the appearance at a 45 degree angle cannot meet the requirements.
        1. Use an impact drill to drill large holes around the door and insert wooden wedges.
        2. Moisture-proof treatment should be applied to the side of the 15 cm large core board (or plywood) against the wall (after applying two coats of varnish and then applying pearl cotton). After correcting and fixing with a nail gun, reinforce with iron nails. Use a 9mm plywood for the bottom of the door pocket line. Close the outer side of the base plywood with solid wood lines. Add a board lining or seal two layers of 15 cm large core board at the hinge position.
        3. Use a 9mm plywood as a stop plate from the joint of the door pocket and the door leaf to the side of the entrance door, with the depth of the stop plate being the same as the thickness of the door.
        4. The panel should be evenly coated with white latex and applied to the largest core plate and mouth plate, and properly reinforced with stainless steel mosquito nails.
        5. The width of the door pocket line is generally 60mm -80mm, and the thickness is 8mm
        6. It is advisable to use stainless steel (matte) lines on the inner side of the kitchen and bathroom door covers.
        7. The vertical and horizontal errors of the door and window covers shall not exceed 2mm (not exceeding 3mm for 2m and above), and the diagonal error shall not exceed 3mm (not exceeding 5mm for 2m and above)
        When the distance between the walls on both sides of the door jamb and the door jamb is such that the door jamb line cannot press the joint, it is advisable to first use cement mortar to hang steel nails for sealing (using plate fixed mold grouting) and dry before sealing the board. When the door jamb line can press the joint, the board can be used to seal the keel structure.
        9. Use a 9-centimeter board as the base for the single-sided door cover (pay attention to the position of the curtains for raised windows). Other items are the same as double-sided door jambs. The entrance door can be sealed with a single sided solid wood line door pocket.
        10. The window cover should not cover the countertop, and the countertop should be paved with marble (the anti-theft net should be made after the window cover panel is sealed). Single sided door jamb: It serves as a decoration on the basis of the original door and cannot withstand the force of the door.
        This article is organized and published by Texas Elevator Stainless Steel Edge. Do you have any understanding of these contents? For more information, please click on: http://www.qixidizs.com We will have more exciting content waiting for you to check out.